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 What is the connection between the Israeli Concentration Law and the visit of a Brazilian delegation in Israel?


A delegation from Brazil on behalf of the Brazilian Directors Union, the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC) has visited in Israel in the end of May. This was as part of a cooperation with the Israeli Directors Union (IDU), which is a member in an international directors organization. The delegation included dozens of businesspersons and consultants in the fields of energy, holdings, industry, government companies etc.

Adv. Shirin H. Herzog, Partner and head of the M&As, Securities and International Transactions department at Ron Gazit, Rotenberg & Co., lectured to the delegation regarding investment opportunities in Israeli companies and the Israeli Concentration Law as a regulatory springboard for foreign investors. Herzog, a corporate governance expert, noted the short window of opportunity for implementing the law by the end of 2019.

According to Co-CEO of the Israeli Directors Union (IDU), Adv. Michal Mor-Kopel, “A part of the cooperation with directors’ unions from other countries is to provide professional tools across continents as well as to establish business connections, to promote the growth of the Israeli economy. Cooperation with the Brazilian Directors Union is the beginning of a professional relationship aimed at growing the members of the Israeli and Brazilian associations.”

Before the delegation also lectured CPA Irena Ben Yakar, a partner in Deloitte‘s risk management division and head of the Israeli Center for Corporate Governance, one of the people responsible for hosting and organizing the event at Deloitte’s offices. Ben Yakar presented key aspects in the issue of stakeholders’ involvement in corporations.

The representatives of IBGC included Heloisa Bedicks, IBGC’s Director General, and Ricardo Roschel, the coordinator of IBGC’s international committee.

Adv. Shirin H. Herzog

From right to left: Roschel, Herzog, Bedicks and Ben Yakar.

May 2019.