Over the past decade, there has been a tremendous legislative push in the environmental realm – more regulations for companies to be aware of and more to comply with, more hurdles to face. When faced with more challenges in this complex area, you need to be reassured by lawyers with a long track record in this area and a wide expertise in all aspects of environmental law. Rotenberg & Co. are your lawyers.

Central to our success in guiding clients through this environmental minefield has been our focus on personal attention, availability and the clear communication of our deep expertise. This approach has fostered strong relationships with both major industry clients and the key regulators, which has been instrumental to our clients’ understanding, compliance and continued growth.

Clients benefit from our unparalleled experience and combined and integrated service, which offers solutions catered to all of your environmental issues, whether they concern hazardous or paper waste, contaminated water or clean air.

Wherever the law has gone, we still go, helping to influence and shape it, and we have appeared countless times before the Ministry of Environmental Protection. You can count on our clear analysis and pinpointed and tailored advice, which stems from our intimate understanding of the Deposit Law on Beverage Containers, Clean Air Law, the Packaging Management Law, WEEE and Batteries Waste Law, and other environmental oriented laws and statutes.

We work closely with the regulators and the Israel Chamber of Commerce on legislation and advise an extensive clientele including Israeli recycling corporations, such as Ella (beverage container collection corporation), T.M.I.R (Manufacturers Recycling Corporation in Israel) as well as major factories, manufacturers, recycling and waste companies. We advise our clients on their day-to-day operations and conduct, ensuring their compliance with requirements as well as supporting them on business licensing and permit issues.

The team

Representative highlights

  • The representation of major industrial enterprises in various environment related issues - sewage, waste streams, emission permits, business license conditions and toxin permits.

  • The representation of recycling corporations in a request for approval as well as ongoing representation of environmental clients, such as Ecommunity and T.M.I.R.