Computing and High-Tech

The fast-moving and ever-changing world of IT and high-tech requires you to think quickly, decide well and act strategically. You need to partner with lawyers who combine their commerciality and industry insight to help you achieve your strategy. Rotenberg & Co. are your lawyers.

We grasp all of the high-tech, corporate and regulatory issues facing clients, and as a result, we attract many clients involved in high-tech, including high-tech, retail and telecommunications companies, as well as banks, government offices and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Services provided include

  • Tenders;
  • Accompanying computing infrastructure projects;
  • Cloud Computing Solutions;
  • ERP implementation;
  • Licensing software, software as a service (SaaS) and distribution agreements;
  • Software development contracts and e-commerce applications;
  • Drafting, supporting and implementing the cyber policies of corporations;
  • Advice on legal risks as a result of breaches of company information;
  • Compliance with the law and guidelines on privacy protection ILITA.

Main Clients

  • The Courts Managements.
  • Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.
  • The Central Bottling Company Ltd.
  • Ministry of Health Israel.

Key Contact