The manufacturing sector is a one of the most heavily regulated areas, and, as such, it calls for a depth of commercial insight and an intimate grasp of the commercial and regulatory risks you face. Spanning a range of industries, this field requires a broad industry knowledge as well as multidisciplinary expertise. Rotenberg & Co. are your lawyers. 

Our profound understanding of the regulatory issues affecting this industry ensures that we are at the heart of any discussions within the regulatory authorities and various government agencies who make the key decisions. This advantage is passed on to clients, which include food and beverage, telecommunications companies, pharmaceutical companies, companies in the infrastructure sector and others.

We provide commercial solutions across a range of topics, such as:

  • Commercial Law
  • Work limits
  • Real estate and planning and zoning
  • Tenders
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Regulation
  • Business Registration
  • Environment and sustainability aspects such as sewage and waste
  • Establishment of factories, and among other things, purchase agreements and copying equipment
  • Energy efficiency
  • Crisis management

Main Clients

  • The Central Bottling Company Ltd. (Coca Cola Israel).
  • Intenational Beer Breweried Ltd. (Carlsberg Israel).
  • Gat Givat Haim Cooperative Society for the Preservation of Agricultural Products Ltd. (Prigat).
  • Milco Industries Ltd. 
  • Partner Communications Company Ltd.

Key Contact